19470Born on March 4th, Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Kaminokidai
197124Marries Yashiro Mariko
Debut as a photographer
Publishes work “Untitled” (no heads) in magazine “Camera Mainichi”
197427Presents his work “Untitled” at the “New Japanese Photography” New York MoMA
Publishes “Grand Canyon” in the magazine “Camera Mainichi”
Receives ADC award from Tokyo Art Directors Club
197528Receives ADC award from Tokyo Art Directors Club
Produces work “Honeymoon”
197629Receives ADC award from Tokyo Art Directors Club
197730Publishes photographs in the French Photo Magazine “Zoom”
Receives Newcomers award from Japan Photographers Association
197831Recieves ADC award from Tokyo Art Directors Club
Publishes work “Picnic” in Magazine “The Meditation”
197932Holds solo exhibition “Ran No Fune” Orchid boat (Ginza Nikon Salon)
Receives the 5th Ina Nobuo award
198134His photographs are featured in the German magazine “Stern”
His photographs are featured in the French magazine “Zoom”
Publication of book “Ran No Fune” Orchid Boat
198437Won bronze medal at the Cannes International Advertising Festival film footage sector
Publishes “Kentauros” (CBS Sony Press)
198538Receives ADC award from Tokyo Art Directors Club
198639Receives ADC Members award from Tokyo Art Directors Club
198740“BLOOD 6” Exhibition (Ginza Matsuya)
Publishes “Sumitoutta Yami” Darkness Becoming Visible (Shunjusha)
199043Publication of “Ōgon Fūtenjin” Golden Heavenly Beings (Shogakukan)
Solo Exhibition “Ōgon Jōdo” Golden Pure Land, at the “Jumonji Bishin Theatre” designed by architect Tadao Ando (Yotsuya-P3 Alternative Museum, Tokyo)
Exhibition “Courtly Splendor” (Dynasty art of Japan) “(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Screened the three-dimensional video image at the Gund Gallery
199144Receives the 10th annual Domon Ken prize with “Ōgon Fūtenjin” Golden Heavenly Beings
Ken Domon Memorial Award solo exhibition “Golden Heavenly Beings” (Ginza Nikon Salon)
1970’s Exhibition “Japanese Photographs 1970’s – Frozen Memories of ‘Time’” (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)
199346Publication of works, “Japanese Architectural Photography Anthology Katsura Imperial Villa” (Shinchosha)
Publication “3D STEREO MUSEUM A Pocketfull of Buddhist Statues vol. 1”, “3D STEREO MUSEUM A Pocketfull of Buddhist Statues vol 2”
199447Publication 3D STEREO MUSEUM “Poketto ni Ōgon” A Pocket full of Gold, 3D STEREO MUSEUM “Poketto ni Byodo-in” A Pocket full of Byodo-in Temple (Shinchocha)
200053image/movie instalation “zen” shown at “Jumonji Bishin Theater” (Shinagawa T.Y.HARBOR THEATER )
Publishes “The work and surroundings of Bishin Jumonji” (Rikuyosha)
200255Publishes book “Wabi” (Tankosha)
Book “KOSHIRO MATSUMOTO” (President)
200457Appointed professor at Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design
Solo Exhibition “Water Falls, Falling water” (Ginza Shiseido Gallery)
200558Published “Nihon Gekigan” Dramatic portraits of actors and actresses (Pia)
200659Solo Exhibition “Hon no Kao – Futatabi Kage” (Shinagawa Canon Gallery S)
Publish “Futatabi Kage” (Jumonji Office)
Publish “Balsamico” (Co-authored with culture Research Institute, Takao Onoda)
Take cover photos for Seigo Matsuoka’s “Thousand and One Nights”
200760Solo Exhibition “Kaze no gotoku” Like the wind (Nagano Wakita Museum of Art)
Publish “Kansei no Bakemono ni naritai” Beyond the Senses (Kyuryudo)
200861Receives Photographic Society of Japan, Author Award
Solo Exhibition Jumonji Bishin Photographs (Ginza, Canon Gallery)
Solo Exhibition Jumonji Bishin Photographs (Roppongi Fuji Film Photo Salon)
Solo Exhibition Time Tunnel Series vol. 26 Jumonji Bishin Falling into Photographs (Ginza Creation Gallery G8 / Guardian Garden)
Solo Exhibition “Metamorphose / Beyond the Senses” (Paris Track Artwork factory)
200962Produce a short film “Sakura” Cherry Blossoms using the video function of a canon 5D Mark II
Produce a short film “Owara, Kaze no Bon” Owara Bon of the Wind with Canon EOS 7D
201063Solo Exhibition “Gekigan” Stage Face and “Faces” (Tama Art University Museum)
201164Solo Exhibition “Gekigan” Stage Face (Gallery B)
“Kodoku na Oja” Lonely King (co-written with Murofushi Koji, Bungei Shunju)
201366Solo Exhibition Whereabouts of the “Waterfall” (Gallery B)
201467Retires from Tama Art University
Starts shooting works for Torikai Brewery
201568Publishes collected works “something” (Jumonji Office)
Solo Exhibition – something – (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)
201669Photo Exhibition “Original Print” 1971 – 2016 (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)
Publishes “TORIKAI” (Torikai Shuzou)
Photo Exhibition “moment by moment” (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)
201770Publishes collected works “passing” (Jumonji Office)
“passing” working print exhibition (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)
“the sea and the arm” Photo Exhibition (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)
“Gekigan 2017” Photo Exhibition (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)
201871I-Photo. Japanese Photography 1960-1970 from the Collection (Museum der Moderne Salzburg)
Solo Exhibition “Syura” lost memory (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)
201972Solo Exhibition “WABI” (Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery)
Announced I WERE YOU Project
202073Solo Exhibition “Fujisaki” (SUPER LABO STORE TOKYO)
Publishes Fujisaki
2021Publishes “NENGEMISHOU (Pick up flower, subtle smile)” (Miyamasou)
2022Publishes “KOYASAN” (ASSOULINE)
2023Solo Exhibition “Bishin Jumonji works from 1970s to 1980s” (Bishin Jumonji Gallery)

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